Oct 19, 2015

Book Review: Bedside Manners by Phoebe Fox

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Review by Suze

Brook Ogden's success as The Breakup Doctor is increasing. She's doing really well professionally and she's developed her own unique style of counselling. On a personal level things are a bit more complicated. Brook's best friend is dating her brother, so now she needs to share both of them. Brook's relationship with her mother isn't as she wishes it to be and Brook misses that very much. There is a new man in her life, Brook is dating the wonderful Ben, but she doesn't know if it's serious yet or not. And then there's Chip, a former client who has anger management problems, but who's great to look at. What is Brook going to do about all of this, will she be able to find happiness professionally and emotionally?

What I liked about Bedside Manners is that it's analytical and insightful while at the same time there's a really good story. I loved the relationship advice and talk and think Phoebe Fox manages to go as deep as possible without ever becoming incomprehensible. I think that's an amazing achievement. I love that she explains everything so well and I learned a lot from this book, about men, mothers, relationships in general and about getting to know yourself. I like this style very much, it's both readable and intelligent which is a great combination. 

Brook is pretty impulsive and that makes the story fun. I couldn't wait to see what she would do next. She often says and does things before she thinks them through which leads to interesting situations. I often had to laugh out loud and several times I wanted to talk some sense into her. Brook is fantastic and I love reading about her life and relationships. She often makes a mess of things, but in the end she knows what's important and she learns a lot about herself. Not everything has to go well, it can also go wrong. It was great to see her deal with her mistakes. She faces them and doesn't run away. I think Bedside Manners is a fabulous sequel and I can't wait to read more about Brook's life. I will keep following this fantastic series. 


  1. I've also read this book and I enjoyed it very much. I plan to keep following the series.

    1. You just made my night--along with Suze for this lovely review. Thanks, Donna--that's really nice to hear. Hope you enjoy book 3, out in Feb!


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