Oct 17, 2015

All About Books Weekend - Suze Loves Devouring Books

My love for reading started when I was little. I couldn't get enough of books and liked reading them very much. I used to read books, but I didn't devour them yet. That started with boredom. When I was eleven years old there wasn't much left to learn at school. When I was done with my tasks for the day there was usually plenty of time left. Fortunately my teacher liked books. There were a lot of them in the classroom, but I still managed to get through them all and eventually had to go to other classrooms to borrow books. I tried to work as fast as I could as the books were much more interesting than my schoolwork. It was the last year I read children's books. After that I switched to adult literature and I started a new phase in my life. The devouring stopped, but it left a small hole, I kept missing my beloved books.

When I was a student I had to read a lot. I learned how to read a difficult classic in an afternoon and that was the start of my second devouring phase. I couldn't stop reading and read several books per week. Only I was a poor student and couldn't afford my own reading pace. I was relieved to find English books in online shops as that meant I could increase my number of books. Now I have a lot of them and am always spoiled with choice, which brings a lot of happiness. I like the choosing process and always take the time to find the right book for the right time.

 There's so much choice on my shelves and in online bookshops that I often feel overwhelmed. I want to start ten books at the same time and I don't want to miss anything. I love reading and I enjoy great stories. I challenge myself to read as much as I can, because I want to see, feel and experience. Now I'm reading five to eight books per week and I keep wishing for more hours in a day, so I can read more books. The devouring is even worse because of my blog. It makes me read out of my comfort zone sometimes which adds more stories to my ever growing reading list. I feel blessed that I have this book virus and hope that I can pass it on to some of my readers. 


  1. I have that kind of virus since my eleven years old xD

  2. I've also had that virus since I was a child. I've passed it on to two of my three children as well.

  3. I totally understand - I also read several books each week, both from my own large collection and from the library. I've been an avid reader since being a very small child - they gave me adult tickets at the local library when I was 12 as I'd exhausted all the child and teenager books already :D

  4. I am so happy I also caught this virus ! I was so happy when my mom wrote a note to allow me to get books in the adult section at the library. I also couldn't understand why most the kids at school didn't think it was the most exciting thing ever lol.


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