Oct 17, 2015

All About Books Weekend - Book Review: The Artisans by Julie Reece

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Review by Anniek

Raven Weathersby is a beautiful young girl who has to be the adult at home. Ever since her mother died her stepfather Ben is devastated. He tries to numb the pain through alcohol and drugs. Raven is barely coping with school and trying to earn money through their own store. She is a very talented designer. When Ben screws up again and makes a big debt he is summoned to go to the Maddox house. Torn by love and sadness for her stepfather Raven decides to show up at the meeting to try and pay off what he owes.

Gideon is blown away when Raven comes to his house screaming her head off. Nobody has ever treated anyone in his family this way. Intrigued by her he lets her pay the debt. The rules are clear: she needs to live in his house for a year and create a beautiful clothing line for his business. He also agrees to get Ben to a rehab Centre which he will fully pay for. When Raven moves into the house she finds out that there is more to Gideon than what people see on the surface.

Raven is such a sweetheart. She's lost her mother, she has a biological father who is nowhere in sight and her stepfather is more out than in, so she has developed a big wall around her heart. The only people in the world who she shows her true colors are her best friends Maggie and Dane. She vowed never to love, because she doesn't want to feel the pain when someone leaves her again.

Gideon has to keep the business going. Being an orphan and coming from a long and influential family he has a big job cut out for him. But underneath all the coldness he actually is an enormous romantic. I really really really liked this story, a lot! Even though it is written in the present time it feels old. It is amazing how Julie Reece pulls this off. The story begins with a magical trade that happened ages ago which immediately made me curious. Very well done. I laughed out loud more than once because of Raven's silly actions, but I also held my breath at the creepier moments.

If you love stories about ghosts, strong friendships, old magical happenings, finding true love and how people bond and stick together then The Artisans is a must-read.


  1. This is another book I have yet to read. My poor kindle is full of wonderful books I hope to get to!


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