Oct 26, 2015

About Suze: Mushrooms

By Suze

I'm a big fan of beautiful sunny autumn days. Going for a walk always makes me very happy. Especially when there are mushrooms to be seen. They're beautiful and I always find them fascinating. Maybe that's because when I was a little girl I believed they were inhabited by dwarfs. I spent hours waiting for them to come out. I loved the idea that an unknown world might show itself to me.

Stories about mushrooms and their special residents were my absolute favorite. I couldn't get enough of them. Whenever I read one I forgot everything that happened around me. I was truly enchanted by them. Some of that magic has stayed with me and I'm still hoping there are fairytale creatures inside them.

When I see a mushroom I think of a story. For me they are linked. My grandfather used to tell me all kinds of stories about the small inhabitants of the forest and I devoured fairytales from all over the world. I love that in fairytales there's always an important message or lesson to be learned. I hope some day I'll be able to write my own. As Halloween is coming it's the perfect time to come up with some spooky characters and to think of a mushroom story of my own.

I like the combination of humans and animals in fairytales. I wonder if there's really a family of gnomes living in those mushrooms. I can see one of them rubbing his beard while waiting for his frog to arrive. He wants to visit his neighbor and the frog is his means of transport. As you can see autumn means that my mind is going into overdrive. That's only because of seeing some beautiful mushrooms and not because I've eaten any...


  1. Mushrooms have an inexplicable enchantment that always remembers little magic creatures :)

  2. it's a great memory and i do love the idea

  3. I have seen such mushrooms for the first time, thanks for sharing! X


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