Sep 29, 2015

Dutch Days: Tanya's Trip to Amsterdam

By Tanya

I have only visited Holland once and that was around 9 years ago when we went to Amsterdam for my 30th Birthday.  A group of 6 of us went and it was a great holiday. I have to say many things shocked me about Amsterdam in such a good way. Firstly the airport was massive and so efficient and the trains were double deckers. We stayed in a hotel that was fairly close to the train station. It was so tall and narrow that we had quite a climb up lots of stairs to our room. Apparently they were built like this because at the time they were taxed on the space of ground that they took up. 
The city is really picturesque with some gorgeous buildings and all the canals. The main square, as is the case in most cities, was a hive of activity and was a place to be seen. The bars and restaurants around there did charge a premium. I can’t say we really tried a traditional Dutch meal but we did taste a few beers along the way!!!! The trams were effective and constant. I was amazed with the number of bikes and always wondered how they found their bike at the end of the day as they are parked 5 deep all along the side of the many canals. Around Wales you would not have that as way to hilly.
We squeezed quite a lot into those few days including a visit to the unmissable Anne Frank museum, which was a place that I had always wanted to go to since I read her diaries as a teenager. As you go into the building there is an eerily quiet and a strange feeling that cannot be explained. All the visitors showed the respect the place deserves as they took in their surroundings. It is a memory that will always stay with me.
Another of the places we visited was the Heineken brewery and believe me if you ever needed to organise a P***up in a brewery this is the place to visit. We had such a fun time and were quite merry when we left and it only cost us E8 at the time. Mind you we did get extra drinks because we were singing along to Tom Jones and the bar staff enjoyed it. On exiting we were desperate for food as we didn’t think they would let us back on the trams unless we were slightly more sober.
The next morning hubby and I shot of early to one of the flower markets it was so colourful even though it really was not the time of the year for tulips. We did buy some bulbs there which still flower now. We also bought a Christmas decoration to remind us of our holiday.
I have to say I would love to visit Amsterdam again and can recommend it as a great trip.  


  1. I would love to visit Amsterdam. Thanks for sharing your experience. :)


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