Sep 27, 2015

Dutch Days: Fabulous Freebie Book Review - Tummy Tom and the Raft by Jet Boeke

Review by Anniek

 Tummy Tom is a big red cat. He eats a lot, which explains the tummy. He loves to lie in the sun, sleep and go on adventures. Even though he isn't always the smartest cat he's a real sweetheart.

My two year old son loves Tummy Tom. We always read a book before bedtime and he picks Tummy Tom lots of times. Also during the day when he is a bit tired or just needs to relax he comes to me with a book of Tummy Tom and crawls onto my lap for some reading time.

The drawings are perfect for small children. It shows them exactly what is going on. The stories are short which is also a big plus. Some children might have a long attention span, but my son has a very short one. All in all, this makes the Tummy Tom books perfect for him.

If you are looking for books for your children you should really take a look at Tummy Tom. Your children will love this sweet crazy cat and will never grow tired of reading about his adventures.

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