Sep 26, 2015

Dutch Days Book Review: Game of Scones

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Review by Tanya

Pippa Pattinson's Dutch boyfriend attempts to do what he thinks will improve the Greek fishing village of Taxos. This is the Greek village that Pippa spent a lot of her childhood at she and still has some great friends there, even though she has not visited in many years. Pippa had Henrik have high flying jobs and a sophisticated lifestyle in London and everything on the outside seems great. On their visit to the island she soon finds that the financial problems have caused a slowdown in the number of visitors to the village and that many of the business are struggling. Her old friends are caring and soon she realises how important they all are. She meets her old playmate of her tomboy days Niko and finds that there are feelings there which she did not expect. 

I really enjoyed Game of Scones and think it is a great summer read. The characters are likeable, even Henrik has his nice factors and you cannot but help feeling sorry for him at some points. I am not sure who I liked the most, but really enjoyed the description of Niko! I enjoyed the fact that Pippa and Niko had such a great history together and that there were some flashbacks to when they were younger investigating the surrounding areas and the adventures that they got up to.

I loved how the village grew back to a place of importance to Pippa and how she spent her holiday trying to help the villagers. I have never been to Greece but much prefer the idea of the village of Taxos to the other modern drink oriented towns that were described. I admit I did guess some parts of the story, but this did not distract form the enjoyment for me and I think if you visiting Greece anytime this is a must read to get you in the mood.


  1. this does sound like a fun summer read, great review :)


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