Sep 9, 2015

Book Review: The Summer of Good Intentions by Wendy Francis

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Review by Suze

Maggie can't wait to go to Cape Cod to spend her summer holiday there. She is a great mother and she's always looking after people, but during their holiday she's the one who can let go and relax as well. Spending time with her two younger sisters is always wonderful and she loves the memories they're making at the family house. Her father will also join them. The Herington family will be complete once more. Maggie's sister Jess is married, but her husband has stopped paying attention to her and their children. She doesn't know how Maggie can pull it off to have such a perfect family life. Virgie is the youngest sister. She's coming alone, but she isn't single any longer, she's met the man of her dreams. Together the sisters can deal with almost anything, but this summer there are things they can't tell each other, even when it would be better if they do...

Maggie wants to have another child, but as she physically can't have more children she's thinking of different options. The question is if her husband will approve. Jess wants to be loved again and there's someone else who does appreciate her attention. Is her marriage worth fighting for? Virgie used to be the pretty and cool one of the three. She's several years younger than her other two sisters. Her behavior is strange though, is something the matter with her? Their parents recently split up and their mother is bringing her new boyfriend while their father is also staying at the house. Will that be all right? Is this going to be a good summer despite everything that's going on or is there too much going on for a nice and fun family holiday?

The Summer of Good Intentions is a wonderful book about three sisters who are also good friends. I love books about sisters and am always really happy when I have the chance to read a good one. Maggie, Jess and Virgie are very different, but they love their family and they are looking after each other. That strong bond was what made this story for me. Whatever happens they can handle it. There are some great, unexpected twists and turns, I liked that a lot. I read this book in one sitting, I was oblivious to everything that happened around me and I almost felt like I was at the house. I love how descriptive Wendy Francis can write. Her characters all come to life really well. 

I could sympathize with each of the sisters, I wanted them to be well and happy. I was hoping they would get their carefree summer, but when that doesn't happen the summer doesn't turn into one big disaster. It keeps having silver linings, because of the strong family connection. Everything in this story happened at the exact right moment. Great timing, a strong story and wonderful main characters are a fantastic combination and The Summer of Good Intentions is a joy to read.


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