Sep 23, 2015

Book Review: Next Door To A Star by Krysten Lindsay Hager

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Review by Suze

Hadley's best and only friend has to move and will soon forget about Hadley and make other friends. Because she doesn't want to spend the summer on her own she's relieved when her parents allow her to stay with her grandparents in Grand Haven. There she will live next door to Simone, who's a former television star. Hadley is greatly impressed by this and is surprised when Simone wants to hang out with her. That means she gets to be with the popular girls, but that isn't so easy. She might be with them from time to time, but that doesn't mean she is one of them. It's a lot safer to hang out with Charlotte, who's less popular and doesn't care what people think of her at all. There's also a boy Hadley likes, will he like her back? Will her life be better now that Hadley's staying next door to a star or will it only complicate things?

Hadley is a great girl and I loved her kindness and character. What I like about Krysten Lindsay Hager's writing is that when I'm reading it it feels like I'm inside the mind of a teenager. I admire the way she makes her stories come to life. She knows how to write from the point of view of her main characters, also when they are young. I think that's such a rare quality. It's why I would recommend this book to any teenage girl. It's both realistic and fun to read. There are so many girls like Hadley and Krysten Lindsay Hager has phrased what's going on inside their world and what matters to them really well. 

I think Next Door To A Star is a wonderful read. The story isn't far fetched and it's genuine. The attraction of this book is that what happens to Hadley could happen to any girl who's spending her summer in a holiday town while at the same time it's definitely exciting enough. For adults it will be a nice trip down memory lane and for young adults it will be a great, realistic read. 

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