Sep 10, 2015

Book Review: Letting You Go by Anouska Knight

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Review by Suze

After a tragic accident Alex has left home as soon as she could. Her father couldn't forgive her for what happened and she had to go. She didn't only leave her loving mother and sister Jem behind, but also the love of her life, Finn. Because her father doesn't want them to be together Alex has been living a lonely half life ever since. She quit studying, doesn't accept any love, doesn't have much of a social life and she works in a caring job. She gives and never receives.

Alex has to return home to Eilidh Falls, because her mother is gravely ill. She's staying with her father and the same goes for Jem, but the atmosphere is depressing. Her father doesn't talk to her and avoids her as much as he can and Jem only stays in her room. Jem has a secret, something she never dared to tell her family. During her stay she discovers something she can't talk about. Both of these things are making her feel too tense to spend time with her sister. 

After years of traveling Finn is back to stay and he and Alex keep running into each other. Alex still loves him, but she tries to hide her feelings because of her father. Secrets and tension are making life more and more difficult for everyone. Will the past keep influencing the present until the pressure becomes too much for everyone?

Letting You Go is an impressive family story. An unfortunate accident has devastating consequences. Alex has never allowed herself to live. She's still paying the price for what happened every single day. She never sees her family any more and when she returns she tries to do what she can to make peace, but her father and Jem don't let her in. It broke my heart to see how hard she tried and I wanted her to be happy after all the heartache. The same goes for Jem, who had such a tough time while Alex was already away. I wanted everyone to heal as much as they could.

Emotions are such a big part of this story. It's quite long, but that length is needed because of all the complex feelings. I couldn't stop reading. I mainly wanted to know how the situation would develop. The past plays such an important role in this book, it's sucking up all the joy of the present. That doesn't mean Letting You Go is a depressing book though, it's actually really hopeful. Sometimes I wanted to shake Jem and Alex to make them talk and I wanted to shout at their father to make him see sense. Everything that happens and happened made me feel such strong emotions. I loved this book and think Anouska Knight has written a fantastic, moving story with impressive main characters.


  1. Sounds like I would enjoy this read. Thanks for the review. :)

  2. Added to wishlist, thanks for the review!


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