Sep 8, 2015

Book Review: Into My Arms by Lia Riley

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Review by Suze

Beth has a demanding job. She's the assistant of Aleksander Zaftra, Z for short. He's a young billionaire who lives by his own rules. He's distant and doesn't talk to her at all. He watches her from his office and he has a big aquarium with a rare fish that's very important to him. When he asks Beth one night to accompany him in his helicopter she's surprised, especially when she finds out it isn't business, but personal. Z doesn't talk, he doesn't touch and he certainly doesn't explain. He does like Beth though, so maybe she has a chance to defrost him a little...

Lia Riley knows how to write about love, sex and chemistry. I love her Off the Map series and couldn't wait to read Into My Arms. To be quite honest, I wanted this to be an entire book. After reading a bit more about Beth and Z I'm actually really curious to find out more and I wanted this story to be much, much longer, because I liked it so much. Beth and Z both have their secrets, they have been through a lot and together they have a chance to heal a little. These two characters are definitely interesting and it was great to read about them. I love the way Lia Riley writes and think all of her books are amazing. 

If you like this genre I highly recommend all of the Off the Map stories. I advise you to start with the first one as that way you won't miss any of the important details.

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