Sep 24, 2015

Book Review: High Tide by Veronica Henry

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Review by Suze

Pennfleet is a small Cornish town where people are close. Kate has returned from New York for a short stay because of her mother's funeral. She unexpectedly passed away and Kate regrets not spending more time with her parents. She has to clean the house and get it ready to sell. Pennfleet is offering her the comfort she needs so much and even though she's sad she's also happy to be back. 

Sam is the owner of a new deli in Pennfleet. He's made a huge career switch and fortunately it was a good one. He's a widower who's trying to make something of his life again. He has two teenage children and they all love to live in Pennfleet. When his daughter falls in love with someone who has a troubled past Sam has to come up with a strategy.

Vanessa's lost her husband. He's left her a big house and money, but she is feeling uncomfortable with it all. Their marriage was quite unusual and she always went along with everything. Now she has to make her own decisions and that isn't easy. Especially when she meets Nate. He's almost half her age and she instantly likes him. He seems to like her back, but there is no future for them. Or is there?

High Tide is a wonderful book with a lot of interesting main characters. I instantly cared about all of them and couldn't wait to find out what would happen in their lives. I really enjoyed reading about the small and interesting town. Veronica Henry manages to make it come to life so well. I love to read about people's journeys. Sam, Kate, Vanessa and Nathan are all having a difficult time, but they're also strong and kind people, which made me like them straight away. I wanted them all to find some happiness. I couldn't put the book away and kept reading until I knew exactly what would happen to them. I'm always very happy when a book makes me feel that way. I highly recommend this amazing story with its multitude of warmth and character.

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