Sep 3, 2015

Book Review: Eggshells by Caitriona Lally

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Review by Suze

Vivian isn't like most other people. She's living in a world where fairytales are part of reality, where personal hygiene isn't the most important thing in the world and where she's perfectly happy with her own company. She tries to be more social though. She's inherited her great-aunt's house and after her death Vivian needs to find a new balance, to make an every day life for herself that she enjoys. She reaches out to her sister, she tries to find a friend, but only one who's called Penelope, and she walks. She takes a different route every day and walks through Dublin. She thinks she's a Changeling and hopes she will be able to find a way back to the world she's originally from...

Vivian is unusual and I love the way Caitriona Lally has portrayed her. She might be odd, but she's also lovely. She has a special mind which works a little differently and I loved reading about her world and the way she sees life. Vivian does find her friend. Penelope is sometimes too much for Vivian, but as they are friends they keep seeing each other and they have a couple of adventures together as well. One is a visit to Penelope's mother that doesn't go according to plan at all. I read this book with a smile on my face. The story is beautiful, Vivian is such an interesting main character. I enjoyed reading about her walks and about the things she's hoping to see mixed with what she actually sees. 

I liked reading about the way Vivian's mind works a lot. The sometimes simple and sometimes more complicated way she sees things is fantastic. I was so engrossed in the story that it almost felt like I was her every now and then. I think Caitriona Lally has an amazing talent. She can write about a topic that makes people think about so many different things in an enjoyable way. I love her wit and cleverness. I noticed things I wouldn't normally pay attention to because of the way Vivian sees the world. Eggshells is special. I loved all the little details that for me made Vivian's world come to life even more. Details like her sickly goldfish which she therefore calls Lemonfish, the way she washes herself, the description of the scents that are important to her, the way she makes herself feel comfortable, the fact that she has a sister who's also called Vivian and so many other things which in my opinion are making the story great. Eggshells is a real treasure, it's a book I want to hug.


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