Sep 19, 2015

Book Review: The Definition of Icing by Aven Ellis

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Review by Suze

Kenley has her own chocolate company. She's studied in Europe and she's working really hard to make her business a success. She wants people to take her seriously, which isn't always easy as she's gorgeous and often they don't look further than her appearance. When she meets professional hockey player Nate at a photo shoot she immediately notices that he's different. He does see her for who she is. Kenley instantly likes him, but he isn't available. Because of a troubled past he doesn't date anymore...

 Will these two wonderful people have a chance together or have they been damaged too much in the past?

The Definition of Icing is a lovely romantic story. Aven Ellis's books are always perfect when you need cheering up. Kenley and Nate are both amazing main characters who are serious about their future and their career. I always like that in books. There's a lot of insecurity and uncertainty on both sides and they have quite a bit of emotional baggage. Kenley and Nate have strong and caring personalities, I loved that about them.

Every chapter begins with a quote about either chocolate or hockey, which is really nice. Don't try to read this book when you don't have any chocolate at home, because Kenley's creations are mouthwatering. I think this book is perfect for a relaxing night on the sofa or a day on the beach. Aven Ellis writes books that are as sweet and cute as her main characters and I always enjoy reading them very much.


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