Sep 11, 2015

Book Review: The Crossing by Andrew Miller

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Review by Suze

Maud is strange, detached, hardworking, calm and seemingly without inner turmoil while Tim is passionate, musical and lazy. Sailing brings them together and they buy their own boat. Soon they start a family. Maud goes to work every day while Tim stays at home to take care of their little girl. Slowly Tim starts to resent what he first liked so much about Maud. When something tragic happens it's the end of their relationship. Will Maud be able to feel something then or is she really so cold as everyone things she is?

I love that Andrew Miller leaves it up to the reader to decide if Maud is really unaffected by anything or not. Is Tim wrong or is there something not right with Maud? When tragedy strikes Tim and his family immediately judge Maud and from that point she needs to start her journey alone. I couldn’t help defending her in my mind. I kept reading faster and faster to find out if I was correct or not.

For me Maud’s curious personality in combination with the aloof way of writing made this story utterly fascinating. Writing a story based on someone who doesn’t seem emotional at all is bold and fortunately Andrew Miller manages to pull it off. It could have failed miserably, but it doesn’t, instead it works and it works really, really well. The lack of emotion on the surface increased my awareness of deeper layers. The story made me feel, it made me wonder, it made me wish and it made me curious. I absolutely loved this book.

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  1. Nice review, this book speaks to me on all different levels


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