Sep 24, 2015

Beauty Spotlight: I Love bubble t!

I'm a big fan of bubble t. Tea is the basis of their products combined with fruit. Their inspiration comes from the Taiwanese bubble tea which is tea mixed with fruit and tapioca balls at the bottom of the glass.

 I've used the hibiscus & açai berry tea products for two months now and they are absolutely wonderful. The scent is fantastic. Every time I smell it it makes me happy. The quality of the products is really good while everything's reasonably priced. My skin loves bubble t. It's moisturizing and it doesn't irritate. I have this brand high on my favorites list.

The packaging is beautiful and it stands out. I highly recommend this brand. There are a lot of cool gift options and I think they will be a guaranteed success with their recipients. You can buy a lot of the products from Solretail with free worldwide shipping. Enjoy shopping!


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