Aug 21, 2015


Sea glass and sea shell necklace - Alayne S

 Japan weekend kawaii owl necklace - Joelle AA

Macaron necklace and earrings - Alba

 Blue leaf necklace - Allyson B

Amethyst bracelet - Amanda

A new release of your choice and one of my choice - Amber M

Kawaii package from Kawaiishopjapan and Modes4u - Angela M

Pink rose necklace - Angela C

L'Occitane verveine bucket and sea themed bracelet - Annaloa H

Two L'Occitane pouches, three books and a summer candy bracelet - Anniek W

Ceramic heart necklace (brown oil diffuser) - Alison O

L'Occitane Verveine pouch and brown macaron keychain - bilqees b

Under The Stars, Quintessentially Yours & amethyst necklace - Darlene C

Rainbow ceramic necklace - Tammy D vS

Kawaii shop Japan package 1 - Amber

2 sea glass necklaces - Judith C

Shell bracelet - Shelly H

3 books, L'Occitane hand cream and body lotion and a lovely ceramic heart necklace - Bube P

4 x Villa Sorgenfrei - Carol

Sea glass in a bottle necklace - Casey W

L'Occitane lip balm and hand cream and macaron in a jar necklace - Charlotte P

2: Books, tea, chocolate, hand cream, cookies and a necklace - Clare A

Mermaids money earrings - Coline t

Explosion of pink - Emma C

Heart shaped onyx pendant - Daphne M

The Little Book of Lost Hearts, Four Sides to Every Story and earrings - Dawn C

L'Occitane, 3 books + sun necklace - Doreen L

Green sea glass necklace with turtle charm - Drina C

Shell necklace - Elizabeth H

Kawaii - elena k

To Catch a Dream - Elin H

Kawaii Package from Kawaii Shop Japan 2 - Elizabeth H

Flor necklace and 3 bracelets - Emma R

Glass bottle shell necklace - Kelly G

Aqua sea glass necklace (round one) - Gabbie

Purple: two necklaces, a mirror, five pairs of earrings, 2 x eye shadow, soap, hand cream, perfume, 2 x lip gloss, lip balm - Rachel G

Green sea glass necklace - Kathryn M

Sterling silver magic topaz pendant - Helen P

Japan Weekend: 2 kawaii rainbow brooches - Jess M W

Blue flower window locket necklace - Bri W

Something nice - Jaina

The rest of my life and roses jewelry - Miki

L'Occitane Bonne Mere Miel - Jennifer D

Set of 2 Druzy Dreams bracelets - Judy T

Green bag, L'Occitane pouch with hand creams and bath cubes - Julia D

Balm Balm - Kate S

Silver heart circle necklace - Katy B

Yellow: 3 books, 2 L'Occitane pouches, 1 L'Occitane suitcase - Kerryn S

Sunflower necklace - Mai T

Round sea glass necklace - Katie S

Green ceramic necklace - Aprille S

Etsy: Mushroom necklace - Lauren H

Beach - ana

The Rest of my life and roses - Giovanna S

Modes4u kawaii Japan Weekend giveaway 1 - Gaby

L'Occitane Bonne Mere Peche - Margaret B M

Shell earrings - Kathleen C

Yellow rose necklace - Emma D

Shell necklace wooden beads - Natalie C

Polymer clay jewelry mix - Lauren S

Surprise gift - Gurdeep A

Beach reads in August hop $15 to spend on beach reads - Carmel L

First Time in Forever and book of choice $12 - Luisa O

Origami necklace  - Kelly P-C

4 books + weekend en provence pouch - guiltlessreader

L'Occitane suitcase - Aloi

Sand dollar necklace and earrings - Dee BD

Purple rose necklace - Karen R

Real flower necklace - Shyanne T

Japanese girl surprise necklace - Crystal C

Stolen journeys + embroidered pouch - Amber T

owl necklace, shell earrings, shell bracelet, sea glass necklace and 2 rose necklaces - Stephanie V

Leon Day surprise gift - Tanya P

Etsy - Kaitlyn

Each & Every One - Emily C

2 bracelets (owl and stars) - Tina C

Agate, onyx and silver necklace (green) - Kerry O

Pink agate slice necklace - Alys J

Frosted glass necklace - Ann L

Filled beauty bag, a book and necklaces - Wendy J

L'Occitane hand cream, body milk & eau de toilette, 3 books & a flower necklace - Sofia T


  1. Congrats to all of the winners! Thank you for the awesome giveaways ^___^

  2. Congrats to all! darn.. didn't get anything this time. Maybe on the next set of drawings. :-)

  3. Congrats to all the winners!!! hopefully better luck next time for me. :)

  4. these winners' lists are quite fun to read, even if one is not on them.

  5. thanks!!!!!
    congrats to all winners

  6. So exciting, thank you!!!!!!
    Many hugs from Sweden =)

  7. Wow that is a lot of winners of a lot of competitions. Well done everyone and thank you Suze for all the competitions!

  8. Congratulations to all of you lucky winners!

  9. It's super exciting to be on the list of winners. Congrats to everyone on the list!!

  10. Thanks. I won the L'Occitane, 3 books + sun necklace - Doreen L
    I sent all my info. to the email you sent me.
    Hope you got it okay.
    dorcontest at gmail dot com

  11. Happy birthday the other day. Sorry I missed it. I was wondering if you had shipped these yet? I just want to make sure mine Didn't have any issues. Ta!

  12. I have received the necklace I won and LOVE IT!!!! <3 Thank you!


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