Aug 18, 2015

Sea Weekend Book Review: The Little Flower Shop by the Sea

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Review by Suze

Poppy has inherited The Daisy Chain in St Felix. She's the sole beneficiary of her grandmother's estate, which means she now owns a home and a shop. She's thirty years old, hasn't been able to keep a job and has made a mess of her life so far. Her whole family is into flowers, but Poppy doesn't like them. By returning to St Felix Poppy returns to the happy memories of her childhood, the ones from before everything changed. She doesn't plan on staying, but then she meets Jake, the person who delivers the flowers to her grandmother's shop. She decides on a whim that she is going to stay and that she is going to run the shop.

As Poppy can't deal with flowers she needs help. The American Amber has been sent from New York by Poppy's mother. Poppy doesn't like anyone, but Amber's an exception. She even offers her a permanent stay in her spare bedroom. They're working hard to get the shop back into shape. Poppy's also seeing more of Jake, but both of them aren't ready for a relationship. Poppy because people only hurt her and Jake because he isn't over the death of his wife. Poppy starts to like it in St Felix and slowly the healing power of the town makes her feel more like herself again. Is there a chance at a happy future for her or will something or someone mess it up again?

Poppy is such a fantastic main character. She has an attitude, she's brutally honest and she doesn't stay away from a challenge. I loved her friends as well and I didn't want the story to end because I loved reading about them all. The Little Flower Shop by the Sea is such a wonderful and sweet read. The setting is beautiful and there's an element of magic in the story that I liked a lot. Flowers tell a story and they each have their own meaning. There's magic in The Daisy Chain and I love stories that have just a hint of that as an addition to real life. Every chapter starts with a different flower and an explanation, I liked that a lot. 

For me this book has it all, it's very well written, the main characters are fantastic, the setting is stunning, the story is fascinating and there's some lovely romance. I couldn't put it down and enjoyed it very much. I love stories about small seaside towns and St Felix and its inhabitants are really special. I think this novel is absolutely perfect, it's a real treasure.


  1. Wow what an amazing review! Adding this book to my wishlist


  2. I think I'd like this book, I definitely love the cover!

  3. Awww, what a lovely review, Suze. 'A real treasure' is a huge compliment. Well done, Ali! :) xx


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