Aug 16, 2015

Sea Weekend: About Me - The Dunes

When people ask me if I'm a mountain person or a sea person I always tell them I'm a mountain person. As there are no mountains in the Netherlands the sea is the next best thing. I love it, especially the dunes. They're beautiful and I like spending time there. During the summer the beaches are often crowded and that is when I like living here the least. When most of the tourists are gone it's time for me to enjoy my surroundings again. I love the autumn. The colors are stunning and I often go for a walk when the weather is a bit cooler, but not too cold yet. I can't wait for my favorite season to start. 

There's a huge protected dune area here. You can only enter by buying a ticket. I love the peace and quiet, the animals and the beauty of nature. It's what I like best about living here. It's just five minutes from my home and I can't go there often enough. It's dune life at its best. It's almost like living in the mountains, the closest I can get.

I'm not someone who sunbathes, I don't have the patience for it. I easily get bored when I'm doing the same thing for many hours in a row, even if I bring a book. It's something you'd never see me do. Fortunately there are many other ways to enjoy the beach as well. I discovered how many wonderful things it has to offer when I moved here. Before that I mainly thought about the part where you lie down on a towel and not much else. I started to truly appreciate it when I experienced them and I consider myself lucky that I'm able to.

Beaches are wonderful. They are always different, they are filled with life. Even if they're quiet, the sea keeps moving. It's one of nature's most beautiful and scariest things. In the Netherlands the water is usually quite calm, but we do have a lot of storms here. When I'm snuggled up inside under a blanket while reading a book I totally appreciate the sea. It even offers comfort when I know I'm near it, but can't see it. It's an every day presence in my life, one that makes me calm and happy.


  1. Love your post!! I also love the beach and the dunes unfortunately not live as nearby as you do. The Netherlands have so many beautiful things!

  2. This sounds fantastic. I don't like sunbathing either.

  3. This sounds fantastic. I don't like sunbathing either.

  4. I've never been to a beach with dunes before. So beautiful! I live 20 minutes from The Gulf of Mexico in Florida and I love the beach and ocean. You're absolutely right about how much power it holds. It reminds me that there are things bigger and greater than me at work in the world. Thank-you for sharing your love of it too. :)

  5. This is such a lovely perspective on the sea. I've always lived pretty far away from the sea and I've never seen it in the off-season, but I think I'd enjoy it more that way.


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