Aug 31, 2015

Hop Sign Ups: September New Release Giveaway Hop

You can sign up now for the September New Release Giveaway Hop! This hop will be hosted by me and Shannon from It Starts at Midnight.

Sign up because it's fun to host a giveaway together with other bloggers. You can attract new followers and readers by signing up. This hop is very active and there are plenty of readers who absolutely love it. Hops generate a lot of extra traffic and the people who like your blog will keep following it which means you can increase your audience.

This giveaway hop is especially for books that will be released in September 2015.
  1. The prize has to be a book that has been published in September 2015, both ebooks and paperbacks are allowed.
  2. You can also give away additional items like bookmarks, gift cards, etc. as an extra prize.
  3. Don't use too many entries. I won't be really strict, but keep it easy for people to enter.
  4. Please be clear if you will be sending worldwide or not. Put it in the linky, so people will know. As you can send books via the Bookdepository for free, it would be great if you could send worldwide.
  5. Add the linky to your blog post ( I will send all the necessary information to you by email a few days before the start of the hop ).
  6. Please keep this hop family friendly. 
7. Have fun as that's the best part of hops! 


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