Aug 9, 2015

Fabulous Freebie Weekend Book Review: Capturing the Earl's Love by Jane Lark

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Review by Suze

Rupert Stanford, the Earl of Morton, is doing his best to make sure he'll find a good match for his sister Rowena. He doesn't want her to be unhappy. His parents didn't have a good relationship and he wants something better for his sister. Unfortunately Rowena has made a friend with a girl whose social status he doesn't approve of. He's sure Meredith Divine befriended his sister to make herself look better. Rupert's theory is that by outshining Rowena her own beauty will be noticed. He loathes the girl and doesn't even want to look at her, which is quite unfortunate as Meredith likes him a lot...

Rupert is Edward's cousin and best friend. Edward is one of the main characters of The Illicit Love of a Courtesan. It's advisable to read that book first before starting this novella, but it can also be read as a standalone. I enjoyed reading this story very much, it's a wonderful light read. Even though Meredith is seen as unworthy by a lot of people of society Rowena likes her and has chosen to be friends with her. Rupert is very protective of his sister and he hates Meredith without knowing her and he makes assumptions that aren't true at all. The question is of course why he does that and what happens when he starts to actually look at her. Rupert is stiff, confident and he lives by the rules while Meredith is impulsive and cheerful. She's also a bit nervous from time to time, which I could totally imagine. I think Jane Lark has written a fantastic highly entertaining, romantic novella.

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