Aug 25, 2015

Book Review: The Way You Look Tonight by Bella Andre

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Review by Anniek

Rafe has built a succesful business as a private investigator. He is big, gorgeous and very good at what he does. He mainly works for women who are hiring him to prove that their husbands are having affairs. This pays very well but it drains him, he loses all the pleasure he once had in being a PI. He is disappointed in the fact that in every case he takes on the women are right... Because of his parents he has a perfect example of what true love has to look like, but he fears that he will never find it himself. After a traumatic event, which he can't shake, his sister takes him back to a little lake house. It was the lake house that used to be owned by his parents. They had to sell it in the past because of financial problems. He buys the house and decides to spend the summer at the lake. What he isn't expecting is that his neighbor is still there, she never left her own lake house. When he sees Brooke after all of these years he is stunned because of how beautiful she has become.

Brooke has inherited the lake house from her grandparents after they died in a car crash. This is the one place she always felt like she belonged. Ever since she was little she spent every summer there and built a strong bond with the Sullivan family who owned the house next door. She always had a big crush on Rafe. Now she has set up a business in making and selling chocolate truffles. After going for a swim in the lake she hears a motorcycle pull up at the house and when she recognizes Rafe she is over the moon.

The previous people who rented the lake house haven't taken very good care of it. Rafe is furious when he sees the mess they left behind. The house is not ready to be lived in. Luckily Brooke is such a sweetheart and lets Rafe stay with her so that he can fix up his home.

I absolutely loved this story! I have read books from Bella Andre before. These were the stories about the Sullivan brothers of San Francisco. It doesn't matter about which Sullivan branch you read, every single one will warm your heart. The author is very good at writing love stories. You will feel everything she means to tell you. Each book can be read as a standalone, but they will make more sense to you if you read them all. I will certainly read all the ones I haven't read yet. Bella Andre's books are the perfect beach reads. If you take them with you on your holiday make sure you take several of them, if you're like me you will want to read them every single free second.

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