Aug 14, 2015

Book Review: The Songbird and the Soldier by Wendy Lou Jones

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Review by Suze

For Andy there's only one woman and her name is Sam. He only met her once and that was enough for him to fall head over heels in love. She's the one who gets him through the tough times in Afghanistan. Andy is an army officer and he's very protective of his soldiers. Dean is one of them. When they're at a pub for an evening out Andy hears someone sing and it's Sam. It's the first time he sees her in all these years. Only Dean interrupts their conversation and he's a womanizer, so he makes sure he gets Sam's attention instead of Andy. Dean always has several girlfriends and he doesn't treat them very well. Sam doesn't know that and as he was her childhood crush she has a soft spot for him. She still thinks he's wonderful. Andy doesn't stand a chance. Dean manages to arrange a date with Sam and he promises to stay in touch.

When the men are back in Afghanistan Sam writes to Dean. Unfortunately he doesn't reply, but Andy does. He's a regular writer and they love each other's letters. When Andy is back home for a few weeks he spends some wonderful days with Sam. They mean the world to each other and they're having a fantastic time. Only Dean thinks he was the one who saw her first and he isn't prepared to let her go that easily. Who will Sam choose and what are the consequences of that choice?

The Songbird & the Soldier is a beautiful love story. Andy is a wonderful and sweet man and I immediately liked his strong character and kindness. Sam isn't good with men, she always makes the wrong choice. She doesn't listen to her instincts. I felt bad for her, but also loved her determination and the fact that she was able to see her own flaws and admit them. She isn't only the lovely pretty teacher, she's also a strong woman with a kind heart who sometimes messes things up. I admired her courage and her resilience. 

Wendy Lou Jones writes about real life. Her stories are raw and that makes them beautiful. The Songbird & the Soldier is filled with hope. It isn't a nice fairytale, it's real. As sadness is part of life I shed quite a few tears while reading this book. I love it when a story makes me feel so many things. I was angry, sad, worried, frustrated and hopeful. Sometimes I had a big smile on my face as well. This story is definitely emotional, in a strong and good way. Wendy is a great writer, she has a particular style and I love her choice of words and the way she plays with time. She writes fantastic, unique stories and I highly recommend this book.

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