Aug 11, 2015

Book Review: Pippa's Cornish Dream by Debbie Johnson

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Review by Suze

Pippa has a busy life. She has to take care of three young children and a teenager who's a handful. Besides that she also has a farm to run. She has turned it into holiday homes and because money is tight she's become quite handy. Because she's so busy she doesn't have time for a personal life. Her days aren't always easy, but when her parents passed away she couldn't let her siblings go into foster care while she could keep them together. She manages, but it's a tough job to do on her own.

Ben is one of Pippa's guests. He's booked the cottage to get away and write in peace. He's just out of prison and has a book deal. He's the country's most celebrated criminal as he spent time in jail for something heroic. In his opinion it was stupid, but he couldn't control himself. His whole life changed in a few minutes and he isn't ready to start living again. There's a strict rule against love for example. He doesn't do that anymore, he doesn't want his heart to be broken a second time. Only then he meets Pippa and they discover they have a brief and very funny history which immediately breaks the ice. Pippa and Ben are both adults who are both looking for some good sex and they find comfort with each other, but is that all there is?

Pippa's Cornish Dream is a book about two people who don't have an easy past. They instantly like each other and there's a lot of lust involved as well. Gradually their relationship evolves. It was great to watch that and I think Debbie Johnson has done such an amazing job with both the chemistry and the consistency of the love scenes. Each one means a little bit more than the one before. Pippa's family life is chaotic, but her siblings are really sweet. Her brother keeps getting into trouble and even though he messes up he's endearing. 

I loved reading about the Cornish countryside and farm life. The animals have their own lovely characters and they give the story a more personal touch. I think Pippa's Cornish Dream is such a perfect romantic read. Everything is exactly right and because of the difficult pasts of both of the main characters the story gets a bit of extra depth. I liked the complete package and highly recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a great, sexy, fun and sweet read. 


  1. Check out cecelia ahern book, Im sure you will love it.

    1. I've read a lot of her books and loved them all :).

  2. Check out cecelia ahern book, Im sure you will love it.


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