Aug 15, 2015

Book Review: Nobody's Goddess by Amy McNulty

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Review by Anniek

In Oliviere's (or Noll as her friends call her) world women rule. They are a goddess for their man. However, there is only one man for every woman. The men don't have a choice, they fall in love with the goddess that has been chosen for them. The women can choose: return the love of their man or send him to the commune while knowing that this is the only man that will every love them. If they cannot return the love they will live alone for the rest of their life. If a man takes off his mask before his love has been returned he will vanish if a woman (other than his mother or siblings) looks at him. The first goddess has put this curse on the men because of the harm they did to women in the past.

Noll is a tomboy who's always in the woods playing with the other children, mostly boys. Her group of friends is thinning because of boys who are finding their goddess. Noll is very sad about that. Her man has not found her yet, so she is literally nobody's goddess. When her best friend (and secret love) finds the goddess in her sister Noll is determined to set things straight. She has to go back centuries, to the time and place when the curse was put upon the men by the first goddess. It turns out that time has so many other plans for Noll.

Amy McNulty has created a very interesting world. She made me think about the what if of women being the only ones with choices. I loved her writing style and I could easily picture the characters and their world. It took me a little time to get into the story because of the fact that I had to understand how the world works and what its rules are first. The explanations are totally necessary and I'm glad I kept reading as I was definitely rewarded with a great story. The ending is really good! I did not see it coming until very late in the story. I absolutely loved this beautiful book and I am really looking forward to reading more from this writer.


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    1. Thanks Tanya, it was a fantastic story to read! I found it refreshing to be so much different than so many other books.


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