Aug 8, 2015

Book Review: The Illicit Love of a Courtesan by Jane Lark

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Review by Suze

Ellen is a harlot and even though she isn't living this life by choice there's nothing she can do to escape it. Lord Gainsborough is a terrible man who beats her, who blackmails her and who's cruel to her, but he owns her and she has to stay. Ellen is a stunning beauty, but that isn't the only reason Gainsborough is keeping her. He isn't prepared to lose her and to make sure that doesn't happen he's willing to go far. In a weak moment at a card game he loses her to Edward Marlow for two hours. The short time they have together is all it takes for them to fall in love. Edward wants to rescue Ellen, but she doesn't think it's possible. It's too dangerous and what will happen to his reputation if he's seen with someone like Ellen? She can't risk it, or can she? 

Ellen is a fallen woman, but not by choice and I felt so bad for her that she had to face this fate. She's strong though and hides behind an iron facade. Edward knows how to find the real Ellen behind this all though. They have instant chemistry and there's an easy banter between them. I loved the way they are when they're together. The story is really interesting and gripping. I couldn't put this book away, I had to know what would happen next and if Ellen would find her happiness. 

It was great to read about the life of the rich and the noble. Ellen is from a good family, but somewhere something went horribly wrong. Finding out what Ellen's secret was kept me on the edge of my seat. I immediately liked both of the main characters. Ellen's spirit is amazing and Edward is such a sweet and good man. Because of Ellen's past they're facing many challenges together. I loved how Jane Lark presented them. Her writing is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend this fantastic, romantic book. If you like historical romance this is a must read. I loved this book so much that I bought the rest of the series straight away. 

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