Aug 28, 2015

Blog tour: Discovering Delilah & book review: Catching Cassidy by Melissa Foster

Review by Tanya

This book, the first in the Harbourside Nights series, is based around Wyatt (nicknamed Army), his twin sister Delilah and Cassidy who are celebrating their graduation from college. The story starts at a celebration party which Wyatt and Delilah leave early to go and rescue Wyatt’s best friend Cassidy from her house, after her boyfriend left with her key. Things from there suddenly change the future for all three when Delilah and Wyatt get a phone call telling them about a tragic accident.

Both Wyatt and Delilah will have to grow up fast. Wyatt is trying to protect his sister from falling into depression. All three go to Harbourside for the summer. This is where Wyatt’s parents own a bar called the Taproom. Whilst at Harbourside things begin to develop between Wyatt and Cassidy against Wyatt’s better thoughts. After all he has never had a long term relationship and Cassidy is leaving for New York at the end of the summer to start a new job in finances.

I really found myself warming to Wyatt As the book continued. He showed how much he cares about his sister and his friends. He was constantly thinking of others and looking out for them even though he is having such a tough time. At first I was shocked by his sudden attraction to his long time best friend Cassidy, even though she had always had hidden feelings for him. However my attitude changed as I realised how he fought against the feelings and was still trying to do his best for Cassidy. He showed how he cared when he lets her make a decision, without any pressure, about her future job prospects.

I am really looking forward to the second novel in this series called Discovering Delilah, as the characters are really likeable and the bond that the friends all have is great.

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  1. Good review, book added to my TBR!

  2. On to book 2! That's wonderful! I'm so happy Wyatt grew on you and that you enjoyed the characters so much. Thank you for your generous review--so happy you joined the tour! XOXO


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