Aug 11, 2015

Beauty Review: bjobj Oatmeal Hand Cream

I love trying new hand creams and as I'm a big fan of the bjobj hair products I couldn't wait to try the hand cream as well. There are oat extracts in the cream, which have been added because of their nutritious value. I think it's a great base for a cream.

The amount of cream in this tube is really generous. Another positive point is the scent, I really, really like it. The cream is very nourishing and it leaves my hands soft and smooth. I'm actually quite impressed with the how well it works and I use this product on a daily basis now. I love how the cream nurtures my skin. 

Bjobj uses as many nature friendly products as possible. A lot of their ingredients come from organic farmers. They specify them, so it's easy to see what's inside their products. What I also like is that they're trying to make their lines as low in nickel as possible. There's a clear explanation on the website. My skin is sensitive and this cream doesn't irritate it at all. I highly recommend bjobj, I like the brand, their philosophy and the amazing quality of the products.  

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