Aug 6, 2015

About Suze: Bucket List Updated Version

A little over a year ago I posted this bucket list on my blog. When I looked back at it today I was surprised at how many things of my list I've actually done already and it made me think about the goals and dreams I have in my life.


Here's the original list:

The things I've already done:

1) Climbing a lamppost. It might sound like a very strange thing to do, but I always wanted to prove to myself that I could do it.

2) Finding the love of my life. I've already found mine at the sage of sixteen, so that was one I could cross off very quickly.

3) Eating at a restaurant that has three Michelin stars. Bras in Laguiole is a fantastic restaurant. I was quite scared, because it's also very posh, but I loved it. I will never forget the experience. They also showed us the kitchen which was huge and very impressive.

4) Write a book. I added this to my list when I was fourteen, but it took me a long time before I actually had the courage to start writing.

5) Climb a rock and jump into the water to swim among the fishes. I did that as soon as I had the chance. Of course I was scared, but only the first time...

6) Cycling through Paris. This is one of the best things I've ever done!

7) Starting a blog to share the things I love with other people. It took me a few years, but here I am!

8) Visiting a fancy hair salon to get a perfect haircut. I'm glad this isn't on my list anymore. I chose a famous hairdresser who's popular among celebrities. I will never do that again, it was horrible! It took a whole year before my hair looked all right again.

9) Reading 200 books in one year.

10) Eating something scary. I ate brains and they didn't taste so awful, I actually liked them. It's not something I will choose to eat very often though.

11) Standing under a waterfall. It was amazing and I want to do it again!

12) Sending my books to a publisher or agent.

13) Drinking Dom Perignon champagne.

14) Learning how to stand up for myself. I'm doing better, but it's far from enough yet.

The things I haven't done yet:

1) Living abroad. I want to experience what it's like to live in another country.

 Learning how to play an instrument. I envy the people who can. I've had lessons, but I don't know if I will ever manage to do this. 

2) Christmas shopping in London and New York. I want to spend that magical time somewhere else for a change.

3) Renewing my vows and organizing a second wedding. I would love to get married again. I liked the first time very much! 

4) Buying a Mauboussin ring with money that I've earned.

5) Watching a beautiful sunset on a tropical beach.


The past year I've done three things that were on my bucket list. From the twenty things I wanted to do I've already done fourteen.

The things I'm working on are purple. I took piano lessons, but I can't do it. I think I should give up on this one. I've tried twice, but it's never going to happen and I think it's for the best. Nobody wants to hear me play, myself included.

I've set a date for a second wedding next year. I loved my wedding and my husband feels exactly the same. We'd both like to do it again, just because it's fun. That is the most important thing on my list at this moment.

I think working on my bucket list is going pretty well and I will definitely keep working on it, it should be an ongoing project, something that keeps evolving. It's never too late to make new dreams and I think I've earned it to add a few more things.

6) Doing something creative on a professional level.

7) Improving my French

8) Getting a university degree

9) Vlogging

10) Becoming an author

I will keep you informed and will write another update next year.


  1. It's a very good idea :) I try to improve my english maybe we can help each other :D

  2. You've done a REALLY great job with your bucket list so far! Congrats, Suze. I totally envy some of the things you've managed to cross off your list- cycling through Paris sounds so AWESOME! And climbing a rock and jumping into the water, wow, you're BRAVE! :D I'd have been so scared! Good luck with the rest of the things on your list!

  3. Wow, it's lovely. You're lucky to have done all these nice things. Good luck with the rest :)

  4. Wonderful list :) You are very lucky to have accomplished so much!

  5. Loved reading this, it's certainly comprehensive! What's with PURPLE? I'm a firm believer in life-long learning and I can certainly recommend being a so-called mature student! I did my first degree (Science) straight after school & was a typical partying & pretty much carefree student. Then I decided to go back & get another in a completely different field (Disability) - got my Hons. Degree aged 50! Thoroughly enjoyed the exams & all the studying (and of course the occasional party!).

  6. i would be happy to help you with your French ^^

  7. Kate I hear you also. I am a firm believer also in learning forever. I have encouraged my kids to go to college or just to take a class for the fun of it. I became a nurse at age 26, at age 52 I became full-time disabled as a nurse. However, during that time frame, I also had gotten many ceritifcates such as biller, auditor, forensics, childbirth educator, etc. Since I have also done genealogy/family history over 45 years- I have put all of my life experiences and still went back to school and getting more certificates in genealogy for forensics & records in American & England.
    You can never stop learning as I believe you can always learn from others and from books - I love books!!!!!

  8. That's so awesome that you accomplished so many things from your list. The number one on mine is to be brave. To do all those things that makes me scared. Hope someday I can strike that out proudly.

  9. I love your list. I have never written one, shame really.

  10. WOO HOO! Congratz Suze on the list so far. I actually like the lamppost thing. Haha. I might actually consider doing it too! XD

  11. Wow! You accomplished a lot!! Congratulations! I too love anything to do with water and being in water. Please do the waterfall and jumping off a rock again. It's just too amazing not to. So cool about the second wedding too. Yay!


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