Jul 23, 2015

Winners - Freebie Weekend & Chocolate Weekend

Freebie weekend

Fabulous Freebie Weekend L'Occitane bags beauty and samples -Jessica E

Fuchsia Braided leather bracelet - Danielle C

Fabulous Freebie: Rose L'Occitane and Body shop - Victoria D

Body creams and shower gels - Irina D

Bodyshop package + keychain - Courtney B

Post Card London bag, pouch and mirror - Leocadia 

White/pink flower bracelet - Tina I

Hand cream lip balm and flower brooch - Chantelle K

Owl necklace - Trillina P 

L’occitane basket - Becky Z

Chocolate weekend

Chocolate books - Emily H

Chocolate, Fan Girl, etc. + pencil case - Thea G W

Chocolate colored necklace and earrings - Julie M

Chocolate, tea and books - Alba

Choc lit ebooks - Gaby

Chocolate cupcake pendant necklace - Ailla

Chocolate cupcake necklace - Sarah B

Pink chocolate cupcake necklace - Lindsey S

Chocolate, books, shower gel and pencil case - LUCY I


  1. Whoo i got the cupcake necklace!!! Woooot!

  2. Suze, thank you!:)
    Sent you the email.

  3. Omg I won one of your giveaways! :D This totally made my month and made me very happy I can't express it enough! Thank you so much!! ♥ Congrats to all the other winners!

  4. Awwww WOW i am delighted!!!! I have been admiring the cupcake necklaces for some time now Thankyou VERY much :)


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