Jul 16, 2015

Winners Australia Week

These winners will receive an e-mail with instructions from me tomorrow:

Natio Creams, Moon necklace and book of choice - Alexandra E

Orange-bellied parrot bracelet - Laura Anne F

Boho Bird Earrings - Liz H

Simplicity in Silver cats eye cabochon earrings - Aaron M

Jojoba Company hand cream - Alexia H

Disk and flower necklace - Bube P

Australian Organics hand cream, body lotion and shower gel - Sarah S

Allegria wombat necklace and Wilber the wombat postcard - Holly L

Moon with tree of life necklace and koala earrings - _Sandra_

2 Bohemian necklaces - Jayne K

Natio Mascara, eyeshadow and lip balm - Arian Y

Paper daisies paperback - Alison O

Yesterday tomorrow today necklace for a friend - Ola

Oz Aboriginal necklace brown - Maryann D

Polymer clay necklace and earrings - Birgit L

Flight to Coorah Creek - Cass R 

Pairs of Baubles Earrings - Felicity S 

Gorgeous Bohemian Wrap bracelet - Oxana Z 

Natio Chocolate make up set - Dália A 

The Friendship Tree e-book and a tree of life bracelet - Carol B

Australia Week Pink bird brooch made by Deepa - Joana V 

I Love you to the moon and back bracelet - Mai T

Tropical earrings - Verena S 

Infinity bracelet - Ada H 

Colorful wooden bead necklace - Cassidy-Rae D 

The Dandelion Years paperback + earrings - Bethany C 

Amethyst pentagram necklace - Louisa Fae D 

Dreamcatcher necklace - Angela M 

Australian Organics body lotion, hand cream and shower gel - Anna 

Saving Francesca - Ashley 

Delft Blue and Lapis Lazuli bracelet - Susan P 

Natio red, mascara and earth goddess eye shadow - Anniek W

Zora black dangle Earrings - Stephanie V 

Jilted - Ilonita U 

Bags set - Iris W 

Handle Me With Care and a new release of choice worth $15 -Zaira F 

Necklace Keringke OzAboriginal - Gaby I 

The intern paperback - Thais P 

Leather butterfly keychain - Tanya P

Sarong - Starla B 

Australian organics shower gel, hand cream and exfoliating - claire S

Steampunk ring - Alicia R 

Natio beauty package with lip shine, eyeshadow and mascara - Egle 

The chocolate apothecary - Kristen J

Raw blue - Mary Lewis S

Australia Weekend tree of life necklace - Winnie L 

OzAboriginal necklace green - Tanya P

Love at first flight - Ann B 

Amethyst necklace with hand pendant - Karina H 

Miracle in March - Reyhana C


  1. No luck again :'( Congrats to the winners!

    1. There's going to be another list tomorrow with more giveaway winners.

  2. Wow thank you. So pleased and saw a lot of stay things I want to buy.

  3. Congrats to all winners! ( YES! Birgit!!!)

  4. Yay!I won :) Thank you from the heart for the wonderful prize Suze Lavander :)
    Congrats to all winners :)

  5. Congratulations to all the winners!!

  6. Thanks sooo much! You just really made my day, Suze! <3

  7. I'm not sure but one of the winners might be me unless it's someone with the same name.
    Congratulation everyone :)

  8. Wow! I won! Thank you so much Suze!
    Congratulation everyone!!!

  9. Congratulations to all the Winners!!

  10. Thank you so much!
    congrats to the rest of the winners

  11. Yay I won! Thanks Suze! And congrats to the other winners too.
    I haven't received any emails yet, so I'll be waiting :)

  12. Yay! SO excited! What an awesome way to post winners! Love your blog <3

  13. Thank you!!! My Sunday is PERFECT!! Made my day!! Congrats to all the winners & good luck to everyone in all of librarianlavender.com giveaways! :)


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