Jul 16, 2015

Winners Australia Week

These winners will receive an e-mail with instructions from me tomorrow:

Natio Creams, Moon necklace and book of choice - Alexandra E

Orange-bellied parrot bracelet - Laura Anne F

Boho Bird Earrings - Liz H

Simplicity in Silver cats eye cabochon earrings - Aaron M

Jojoba Company hand cream - Alexia H

Disk and flower necklace - Bube P

Australian Organics hand cream, body lotion and shower gel - Sarah S

Allegria wombat necklace and Wilber the wombat postcard - Holly L

Moon with tree of life necklace and koala earrings - _Sandra_

2 Bohemian necklaces - Jayne K

Natio Mascara, eyeshadow and lip balm - Arian Y

Paper daisies paperback - Alison O

Yesterday tomorrow today necklace for a friend - Ola

Oz Aboriginal necklace brown - Maryann D

Polymer clay necklace and earrings - Birgit L

Flight to Coorah Creek - Cass R 

Pairs of Baubles Earrings - Felicity S 

Gorgeous Bohemian Wrap bracelet - Oxana Z 

Natio Chocolate make up set - Dália A 

The Friendship Tree e-book and a tree of life bracelet - Carol B

Australia Week Pink bird brooch made by Deepa - Joana V 

I Love you to the moon and back bracelet - Mai T

Tropical earrings - Verena S 

Infinity bracelet - Ada H 

Colorful wooden bead necklace - Cassidy-Rae D 

The Dandelion Years paperback + earrings - Bethany C 

Amethyst pentagram necklace - Louisa Fae D 

Dreamcatcher necklace - Angela M 

Australian Organics body lotion, hand cream and shower gel - Anna 

Saving Francesca - Ashley 

Delft Blue and Lapis Lazuli bracelet - Susan P 

Natio red, mascara and earth goddess eye shadow - Anniek W

Zora black dangle Earrings - Stephanie V 

Jilted - Ilonita U 

Bags set - Iris W 

Handle Me With Care and a new release of choice worth $15 -Zaira F 

Necklace Keringke OzAboriginal - Gaby I 

The intern paperback - Thais P 

Leather butterfly keychain - Tanya P

Sarong - Starla B 

Australian organics shower gel, hand cream and exfoliating - claire S

Steampunk ring - Alicia R 

Natio beauty package with lip shine, eyeshadow and mascara - Egle 

The chocolate apothecary - Kristen J

Raw blue - Mary Lewis S

Australia Weekend tree of life necklace - Winnie L 

OzAboriginal necklace green - Tanya P

Love at first flight - Ann B 

Amethyst necklace with hand pendant - Karina H 

Miracle in March - Reyhana C


  1. No luck again :'( Congrats to the winners!

    1. There's going to be another list tomorrow with more giveaway winners.

  2. Wow thank you. So pleased and saw a lot of stay things I want to buy.

  3. Congrats to all winners! ( YES! Birgit!!!)

  4. Yay!I won :) Thank you from the heart for the wonderful prize Suze Lavander :)
    Congrats to all winners :)

  5. Congratulations to all the winners!!

  6. Thanks sooo much! You just really made my day, Suze! <3

  7. I'm not sure but one of the winners might be me unless it's someone with the same name.
    Congratulation everyone :)

  8. Wow! I won! Thank you so much Suze!
    Congratulation everyone!!!

  9. Congratulations to all the Winners!!

  10. Thank you so much!
    congrats to the rest of the winners

  11. Yay I won! Thanks Suze! And congrats to the other winners too.
    I haven't received any emails yet, so I'll be waiting :)

  12. Yay it was me thank you :)

  13. Yay! SO excited! What an awesome way to post winners! Love your blog <3

  14. Thank you!!! My Sunday is PERFECT!! Made my day!! Congrats to all the winners & good luck to everyone in all of librarianlavender.com giveaways! :)

  15. Great. Winning a price or any kind of recognition is something that everyone wants. Heartiest congratulations from me and my BestOnlineAssignmentHelp team to all the winners. May this winter bring more happiness and recognition in your life.


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