Jul 26, 2015

Japan Weekend: I Love Japan!

I've never been to Japan, but it's very high on my wish list of countries I'd like to visit. I've always been fascinated by the beautiful art, the delicious and pretty food and kawaii. Online Japanese stores are usually a joy to buy from. Most Japanese web shop owners are very kind and their service is great. I like Japanese clothes and accessories for example and am often wearing them.

I have a wonderful collection of kawaii (the Japanese word for cute) letter sets and stickers. I'm still collecting, but not as actively as I used to, simply because space is a problem. One of my dreams is to have my own kawaii museum some day. I love cute, it cheers me up, it makes me happy and it makes the child in me come to life again. For me kawaii drawings are fascinating and I can look at them for hours. I once went to a great exhibition of Japanese art and it was amazing to see so many works of my favorite artists on display. 

I like reading manga, I think the drawings are often stunning and it's fun to read these books. I even have a little manga drawing of myself that I treasure. I've always been a fan of comic books and manga enables me to escape into that world again for a few hours. 

I like sushi and sashimi and can't even begin to imagine how the real Japanese version will taste. The presentation of food is important in Japan. I love decorated bento boxes. I can spend hours looking at them. One day I'm hoping to be able to taste real Japanese food and to have an original bento (lunch box) filled with beautiful decorated food. 

I have several other Japan posts planned and hope you liked what I showed you so far. For me this weekend is so much fun as it's well known territory and I have a chance to show some old favorites and discover something new at the same time. I love Japan!


  1. Fully agree - Japan is on my bucket list to visit one day in my life! So much beauty and rich culture!

  2. My brother and sister in law went two years ago they loved every minute of it xx

  3. Really interesting country to be on list , its for me like a dream ... Love the Art and the culture ......

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