Jul 25, 2015

Japan Weekend: Suze Loves Chika Beadwork

I love Chika Beadwork, a shop filled with the most beautiful beaded jewelry.

The owner, Chika, makes such delicate and detailed pieces.

Everything is absolutely stunning.

She makes it with so much love and care.

I love the style of the jewelry, it's both cute and elegant.

I really like the designs of these pieces, they're so pretty.

I also love the use and combination of colors. It's so subtle and the effect is amazing.

Check out this fantastic Etsy store.

And enjoy shopping!


  1. i can't even imagine the numbers of ghours she need to make one piece like that! amazing

    1. I think it's taking a long, long time to make each piece. And she's very skilled at it as well :).

  2. Those are all so detailed! I love them- thanks for putting this shop on my radar. :)

  3. Wow! This beadwork is truly amazing. LOVE!


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