Jul 13, 2015

Book Review: Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams by Sue Watson

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Review by Tanya
Laura Who is a single mum of a grown up girl that she has done her very best to bring up. She also has a mum in an old persons home who seems to have very little time for her daughter. After being stood up at the altar Sophie, Laura’s daughter, is off travelling the world leaving her mum with something she said after the non-wedding playing on her mind. Laura has a very low opinion of herself and after some persuasion by a friend decides to give Zumba a go (after all it is a form of dance and she comes from a dancing background). Things in the class do not go as planned (another great laugh out loud piece of writing). Then she is approached by the gorgeous Tony Hernandez (Griffiths) who asks her to stay on to his new dance class. This is where her new life begins with finding that after all she can dance amazingly and forming new friends. 
Summer Flings and Dancing Dreams is such a great easy feel good read which had me laughing throughout. I loved the Sexting mishap and was trying not to wake my husband up by laughing out loud. The relationship between Laura and Tony is fantastic and I loved how Tony managed to bring Laura alive and make her a strong independent person who towards the end is outgoing. You cannot but like the character of Laura and want what is best for her. 
I was left wondering throughout the book what happened to Laura’s father when he was dancing at the famous Blackpool tower. Her mother is aloof and I felt like she was constantly judging Laura, I disliked the fact that she would make snide comments about Laura. However, towards the end of the book you discover why and realise that her mum does really love her. 
I loved the description of the dresses and the dances in the book and as a strictly come dancing enthusiast I like to imagine myself whizzing around doing the spectacular dances. Mind you I don’t think I would get very far as more a case of cant dance than wont dance, but every girl has to have her dream. This book is a great read for the summer or winter and any time you need cheering up. 


  1. reading this at present :) your review is fab

  2. Thanks for the review. I bought it! Let you know how it goes.

  3. This books sounds great!!! Because of your review this book will go on my want to read list!


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