Jul 13, 2015

Book Review: Life or Something Like It by Annie Lyons

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Review by Suze

Cat lives for her job. She works for her best friend's PR company and she does everything for him. Jesse is her secret crush and they've been friends since university. Jesse is married to a model though and apart from one unsuccessful night they've never tried anything together. Cat is happy though, she doesn't need a man in her life, she loves her world. She likes the expensive clothes, fancy restaurants and the money that comes with the job. She's completely happy living on her own and she doesn't want anything else. 

When she watches her brother Andrew's children for a few hours the person who has taken over from her at work messes things up and Cat is the one who has to take the blame. Now Cat has more time to spend with her family. Ellie is six years old and Charlie is ten. They don't like her very much and the feeling is mutual. Cat doesn't want children and she also don't know how to be around them. That changes when Andrew's wife has to go to Australia for the summer because of a family emergency. Andrew asks Cat, who's suspended from her job, to help him watch the kids. Fortunately she isn't completely on her own. Andrew's friend Finn is watching his niece, who is Ellie's friend, and they can look after the children together. Cat's phone is glued to her hand, she doesn't know how to handle children and she's not used to talking to them either. Is this a recipe for disaster? And what will happen with her job, is there something for her to go back to or is the life Cat used to live truly over?

Annie Lyons is a great story teller. I love the way she writes. When I'm reading her books I immediately feel at ease. It makes me want to read on and on and I don't want to stop. That same thing happened to me again when I read Life or Something Like It. I immediately liked Cat even though she wasn't the most kind person at first. I knew there was more to it and was curious to see what would happen to her when she spent more time around children. I liked Ellie and Charlie, Annie Lyons has given them a great own personality. They're not just children who are there in a supporting role for the adults, they're real characters in the story who have their own distinctive personalities. I liked the interaction between Cat and her niece and nephew, for me that was the biggest strength of the story.

Finn is a know-it-all and Cat can't stand him at first. He means well though and he's a genuinely nice guy. I loved his personality and the way he made Cat feel. I bet he's the dream man of a lot of women, which makes his character so appealing. A wonderful summer holiday with a great setting made this story complete. I liked reading every page and think this is a perfect romantic book for the summer. This book has it all, it's cheerful, it's warm, it's special, it's loving, it's touching and it's sweet, a fantastic combination that works really well.


  1. Oh, I love reading stories like this, especially in the summer! They make me forget my problems! I will try and find this book!

  2. This sounds really good even though I'm not a huge romantic book fan,


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