Jul 24, 2015

Book Review: I Need A Hero by Emma Bennet

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Review by Suze

Bronte lives in a gorgeous remote cottage, she's used to the peace and quiet. Bronte is a successful romance author and while she writes about gorgeous men she's still looking for her own prince charming. She's been hurt in the past and now she doesn't want to date anyone who isn't like the heroes of her novels. Her new neigbor Ryan is a wonderful, kind man and they're getting along brilliantly. He's also good looking. Bronte likes him, but she just wants to be friends. He can't be the one, but she's met someone who can be. When she meets Sebastian she thinks she's found the man of her dreams. He's a Lord, he lives in a mansion, he plays polo and he's extremely handsome. He's exactly like the heroes in Brontes novels and he inspires her to write something great. She knows Sebastian is the one, he has to be. Only why is it so hard to talk to him and why doesn't she have a better time when he's around? 

I Need A Hero is a wonderful romantic story. Bronte knows what she wants, only she's a bit clueless in the how to get it area. I felt so frustrated with her sometimes. That meant I was completely engrossed in the story. I wanted to step in and give her a good shake from time to time. I'm always pleasantly surprised when I feel so strongly about something. Ryan is a good friend and reading about him kept putting a smile on my face. He's such a kind and lovely man, the dream of every woman, except Bronte. He's a dentist and he has red hair, so he isn't ideal romance novel material. I loved that Emma Bennet made him like that.

I Need A Hero reads a bit like a fairytale and I think Emma Bennet has done a great job shaping her characters to fit in with the style. This formula works very well for her. The setting is perfect, the main characters all have strong personalities and there's a lot of subtle humor in the story. If you're looking for something light and romantic this is definitely a book you will like. It's entertaining, it's sweet and it's fabulous happy reading material.


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