Jul 11, 2015

Book Review: Her Forget-Me-Not Ex by Sophie Claire

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Review by Suze

Natasha is leading the life she's always dreamed of. She has her own flower shop and she's ready to buy the house she wants to have. It's her childhood home and long ago she made a promise. Now she has the chance to fulfill it and to buy it back. She's already made an offer and things are looking good. Only then her ex-husband Luc shows up. They were married for a few months and Natasha left her unhealthy relationship as soon as she could. She doesn't like seeing him again, especially not since he has a request, something that Natasha doesn't want to do at all.

Luc's father is dying and the only thing he wants is to meet Luc's wife. Luc hasn't told his family about his divorce. They still think that he's married to Natasha and Luc wants her to come to France with him to meet them. Natasha doesn't want to do this at all, but Luc makes her an offer, something she can't refuse. Eventually she agrees, reluctantly. After two weeks in France she will be free and she will walk away with what she wants so badly. It's just two weeks, she can do that, right?

There's a lot of tension between Luc and Natasha. They are still attracted to each other, but their marriage has gone completely wrong. Because Sophie Claire tells the story from both sides it's easy to sympathize with Luc and Natasha. I liked that a lot. They learn how to communicate and they're getting to know each other, something that didn't happen when they were married. I enjoyed reading about this process. There's a great background story, something emotional that ended the marriage before it properly started. Sophie Claire described that in a sensitive and understanding way. I think she's done that really well.

Luc's father isn't an easy man. Luc has a lot of problems with his old man and they need to work them out. They're a rich family and wealth is something Natasha isn't used to. It's also something she doesn't really care about, but Luc has never met someone like her. I loved that aspect of the story. Both Luc and Natasha are pretty stubborn and I liked seeing them fight their battles over and over again until they reached a level of understanding. This made the story really interesting. The French setting is amazing, I could totally picture the surroundings and it instantly gave me that special holiday feeling. I highly recommend this book, Her Forget-Me-Not Ex is a wonderful and enjoyable read.

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