Jul 23, 2015

Book Review: Dollhouse by Anya Allyn

A spine-tingling Gothic Thriller

An abandoned mansion, deep in the woods. A dollhouse, filled with life-sized toys. A doorway into other realms. And girls who keep disappearing...

When Cassie's best friend, Aisha, vanishes during a school hike, Cassie sets off with Aisha's boyfriend and their friend Lacey, determined to find her. Instead, the three teens fall into a carefully-laid trap--deep into the surreal nightmare and dark secrets of the Dollhouse.
Now, Cassie must uncover the mysteries of the Dollhouse and her own connection to it-- before it's too late.

Dollhouse, the first book of The Dark Carousel series was released in May 2014 by Paper Lantern Lit (Lauren Oliver and Lexa Hillyer).
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Review by Anniek

Cassie, Ethan, Lacey and Aisha are in the woods because of a school assignment. Ethan knows his way around, but to get the perfect pictures they go further than planned. Ethan and Aisha are a couple, but Cassie is secretly in love with Ethan too. When Aisha runs off and disappears the police focus on Ethan.

In the woods there's an old house which is searched by the police but nothing is found. Not willing to give up (or go to jail) Ethan, Cassie and Lacey start a search on their own. They want to go to the house to see if they can find Aisha. The house gives Cassie the creeps. Cassie has had nightmares since a very young age, dreaming about this place. Because of these nightmares she's scared of the dark. When the three of them search the house they find the Dollhouse. Entering the Dollhouse to find Aisha they make the biggest mistake ever. Going in is easy, but no one has ever come out again...

After I read Thirteen as a fabulous freebie I couldn't wait to read Dollhouse. I finished Dollhouse in two days, I couldn't put it away. Anya Allyn has a very dark and twisted way of writing which I LOVED!

Dolls give me the creeps. I can read or watch anything zombie related without breaking a sweat, but when there are dolls they really give me the chills. This story could easily be one of my worst nightmares. Anya Allyn takes her time to introduce her readers to the characters, this made me feel the emotions of the 'Dolls' very well. The choices they make to try and survive really got to me. I could almost taste the desperation.

One of the poems from Dollhouse stayed with me, it's so perfect I want to share it with you:

It winds through my mind
Like vines of knives
Cutting and sharpening
Into my veins
This knowledge of evil so dark
No trace of light remains

This book can be read as a standalone, but I will certainly read the other books of this trilogy. I can't wait to find out what happens next!
Visit The Studio for more information about Dollhouse and Anya Allyn. 

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