Jul 15, 2015

Book Review: Breaking Away by Anna Gavalda

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Review by Suze

Garance is on her way to a wedding. She's in the car with her brother Simon and his in her eyes boring and too fussy wife. Garance and her sister Lola keep teasing her. In the car Garance thinks about her life and everything that's right or wrong about it. When they find out their brother Vincent won't come to the wedding the three siblings decide that they can still be wild and carefree. They leave Simon's wife at the wedding and together they're driving away to find Vincent. 

Vincent lives at a chateau where he's trying to make money by telling stories to gullible tourists. As nobody wants to go to the wedding they decide to stay with Vincent instead. Because there's another wedding in the village that evening they didn't dress up for nothing and they go to the simple village party. For a short while they can relive their younger days and they have a lot of fun together. At the end of the weekend, when it's time to go back, they each had their chance to think about life and how they want to live it.

Breaking Away is an interesting story about being young and not being young any more. Garance is at that age where she starts to realize what it means to leave ones youth behind. She isn't ready though as she's still living a wild and carefree life. But is that a way of living, does that lead to happiness eventually? I think Anna Gavalda has written a story about a topic that troubles a lot of people who see people around them settling down, but aren't really ready for that yet. Garance and her siblings have a fun and eye opening experience, but it's also the end of an era. I read about it with a smile and with a lump in my throat. The feeling was described so well, with plenty of contrasts to emphasize it. I enjoyed reading this book very much and think Breaking Away is a beautiful story with a philosophical character.

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