Jul 24, 2015

Beauty Review: Human+Kind Apple & Herbs Shampoo + Bodywash

Review by Suze

When I first saw Human+Kind products, I immediately wanted to try them. I like the packaging, it looks fun and cheerful. The size is generous and the same goes for the price. Human+Kind believes that human kindness is the balm of life. They want to make gentle, effective, multi-tasking products that don't contain harmful petrochemicals. I'm all for that and love the philosophy. 

I tried the Apple & Herbs Shampoo + Bodywash. I used this as a shower gel and love it. The scent is fresh and fruity. I love the combination of the apple with the herbs, it's absolutely delicious. This product is wonderful for the skin and a little goes a long way while there is already such a lot in the tube. I like that Human+Kind tries to use kind ingredients and that they list them on the website. If you have allergies you can see if this product is suitable for you. I have a sensitive skin and had no problems with this shower gel, it's a great product and I'm a big fan of it ever since the first time I used it.

I like the idea behind Human+Kind and think it's good that they're thinking about what they put into their products. Check out the list of possible ingredients here and find out for yourself what's so nice about this brand. 


  1. Oh how I wish they had stores in the USA! The containers are so pretty I'd use them for display on my bathroom shelves. I like this company's philosophy also.

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