Jul 30, 2015

Beauty Review: CMD Rosé Exclusive Eye MakeUp Remover Oil

I've been using CMD Rosé Exclusive Eye MakeUp Remover Oil for several weeks now. CMD is a German natural cosmetics brand that has the philosophy that less is more. Their products are almost all 100% vegan. I love it when a brand has a clear philosophy and thinks about the environment. 

Usually eye makeup isn't what irritates my eyes, it's the product I use to remove it. I used to find myself flushing my eyes numerous times after removing my eyeshadow and mascara. I spent years looking for the right remover, one that's gentle for the eyes, but that also does what it's supposed to do. Not every type of makeup remover is actually good at the removing part. Even products meant for sensitive eyes managed to make my eyes itchy and red. I was almost willing to give up putting on eye makeup, because I had so many problems removing it. Fortunately then I found this CMD Rosé remover oil.

CMD's a little goes a long way philosophy definitely counts for this product. It perfectly cleans the eyes with only a few drops each time. I still can't believe how long it lasts, especially because this oil isn't expensive at all. If you don't use a lot of eye makeup you can also buy a small bottle, CMD has a very economical vision. What you do need to make this remover work is quality cotton pad (not too flimsy) and you have to make sure it's wet before you use the oil. If you try to remove the makeup with pure oil it won't work. This product needs water. With just a few drops it does the job perfectly and for my sensitive eyes it's amazing. There's no irritation and the oil is nourishing at the same time. I love the fact that at CMD they have thought about allergies so well and they've come up with a product that works. I cherish my remover and never want to go without anymore. 

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  1. Thanks so much for this review- I'm always on the hunt for an effective, gentle (on the skin as well as eyes) eye makeup remover. I'll definitely be checking CMD out!


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