Jul 25, 2015

Beauty Review: Boozi Body Care Refreshing English Fizz Liquid Hand Wash

I'm always looking for good soaps. This time I've tried Boozi Body Care Refreshing English Fizz liquid hand wash. I love Boozi Body Care. I like the way they present the brand. It's a fabulous idea to make beauty products inspired by drinks and it works. I love the packaging and they have such a great style and a fantastic image. 

Taking care of myself means taking care of several big, but also plenty of little things. For example it means getting good soap for my hands so they won't dry out. Boozi Body Care Refreshing English Fizz soon became a favorite. I love the scent, it's really delicious. It's not too strong, but it leaves a bit of freshness for quite a while. Due to the nourishing ingredients this soap isn't bad for the skin. I think it's a great soap for people who often have to wash their hands. It's suitable for that, as the jojoba oil leaves the hands quite soft. The soap made my hands feel clean and because it's such a lovely product I kept having that feeling of luxury. It lasts a long time, so it's definitely worth the money as well.

I love the mix of ingredients. The lemon, cucumber and elderflower is a combination that really works and the mint is a nice finishing touch. It's perfect for soap and fresh hands. Together with the matching hand cream it also makes a great gift. I'm definitely going to try more Boozi Body Care products as the ones I've tried so far have all been a success.

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