Jun 11, 2015


Steampunk book necklace - Coline T.

Le Couvent Des Minimes hand cream - Anastasiya K. 

Books and natural beauty products - Jessica E.

Dark pink rose necklace - Stephanie C.

Purple rose necklace - Jamelah A.

Blue rose necklace, surprise gift and book of choice - Alicia R.

Blue and yellow rose necklace - Petra H.

Book of choice and happy mail - Lynne A.

Silver and quartz pendant - Shamara C.

3 pairs of earrings - Pervin E.

Surprise gift - Kate C.

Iolite pendant - Haley B.

Yellow flower necklace - Jill O.

Summer books and beauty - Alisa J.

L'Occitane - Judy T.

K.S. Jewellery silver flower necklace - Pat B.

Kawaii stationery and stickers - Sarah B.

Molly creations - Daria

Books, tea, chocolate - Carmel L.

Neve - Mai T.

L'Occitane - Alexia H.

By My Side, Blackfin Sky, Fallen - Katarzyna

Books and Beauty - Hilda W.

Pink bag and beauty giveaway - Tandi C.

Vintage happy mail - Joanna L.

Blue rose necklace - Barbara T.

Scarlet Gown - Helen B.

Blue green happy mail - Angelita


  1. *Squeels* Woot I score again! I got the Kawaii Stationary and Stickers. Super excited to get that. Congrats also to all the winners.

  2. Hopefully I will be able to win one day...I hope no luck. :'( Congrats to the winners!

  3. Finally I won this time! After joining over and over! Yahooo!

  4. was this me: Books and natural beauty products - Jessica E.? jssychan@yahoo.com

  5. So Glad to win! Thank you so much Suze

  6. Congrats ladies! :) Still waiting for my turn! :(

  7. Congratulations to all the Fortunate Winners!!!

  8. Has everyone who won received the email?


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