Jun 8, 2015

Suze Loves Summer Reading

The summer is always the best reading time of the year for me. I love being outside, enjoying the sunshine and reading a book. When I go on holiday I always need a box for the books I'm bringing. I won't stress when I forget to bring clothes or toiletries, but I do stress when there are no books for me to read, so summer reading material is my top priority when I go on holiday. 
Somehow when I'm away and am completely relaxed I'm going for the heavy stuff. I bring bulky books, difficult literature and classics, so no light summer reading for me. My brain wants to do something while my body doesn't do anything. I think that's the perfect combination for me. Being somewhere beautiful while reading something beautiful is all I need. 
I'm living in a coastal town, but have no desire to read on the beach. For a lot of people this is the best thing there is, but it's not for me. Maybe it's because when I see the sea I want to swim and that I'm not a big fan of getting sand everywhere. I also don't like it when there are too many people, so when I go on holiday I like to go to a place with a big garden, somewhere secluded and preferably at the bottom of a gorgeous mountain. When I'm thinking about summer reading I immediately start with my summer dreaming. I love the idea of reading a good book when I'm somewhere nice. 
The best summer reading place I've ever visited was at a nice wooden cottage near the lavender fields in the Provence. There we had our own private mountain. Comfortable chairs on our terrace made the experience complete. Even a few angry wasps couldn't spoil my ideal reading experience. Every year I think about going back, but even though I want to I don't think I should as it will never be as magical as it was back then. It would be wiser to discover somewhere new. Maybe I can look at a flower field or smell roses while I'm reading. I'm not sure what the future will bring me, but I have enough dreams for at least twenty summers.


  1. Sounds magical - I get excited about my summer reads too and have them all ready to go in the suitcase.

  2. When I was a kid, I always looked forward to the summer reading program at the local library and was always one of the top readers. I'm looking forward to reading out by the pond behind our apartment building now that the weather is turning warmer.

  3. It's fascinating to see how different our reading spaces are when we want to get lost in a book. Personally I never take a book on vacation as I'm too much out and about all day to have the strength to do any reading, even before going to bed. Still, when I do read outside I also prefer secluded places with few (or no) people around. I used to read in parks in town when I was still a student, but nowadays I lazily resort to my balcony.

  4. I look forward to summer vacations too. Since I could read, that's all I have done. And Summer time for me, is when I get to read loads and loads! I'd this silly obsession of finishing my long list of TBR and I did, last time. It was the worst feeling ever... I felt like I had no books to read (or books I was interested in) Even though there zillion books I could read. I couldn't find anything I wanted. Now I'm happy whenever I see my TBR pile increasing. :D

  5. That photograph is absolutely gorgeous!


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