Jun 5, 2015

Suze Loves: LouLouBelle!

 I love LouLouBelle. This luxurious English brand makes skincare products using natural ingredients. For every LouLouBelle product there's a unique recipe. I like that this brand doesn't use any complex formulas which means no use of unnecessary additives. I definitely like it when a product is free of parabens and sulphates, fortunately LouLouBelle doesn't use them and the same goes for artificial colorings or fragrances. The products have all been tested on willing humans, not animals.
 The packaging LouLouBelle uses is gorgeous. The design is simple and the lettering gives it the most perfect elegant styling. It's possible to buy the products in sets. They all arrive in a classy gift box. Opening the box felt like it was my birthday and it was the first part of the great LouLouBelle experience. I've photographed it, so you can see how good it looks.

What I like is that there are product ranges for every skin type. They each have their own ingredients and scents. All products are for a particular skin type, so it's easy to order them. If you know your skin type you immediately know what you should get.

 Palmarosa and Patchouli moisturiser for Dry Skin is one of the best moisturisers I've tried. I love the scent. This product manages to soften the skin immediately. I loved the feeling of my skin after I used it. The dryness is gone instantly, and my skin absorbs it well, so there's no oily layer or residue. It's perfect for daytime and night time use. I love the fabulous nourishing effect and this product is very easy for traveling as you only need one type of moisturiser.

I love this cleanser. I like the texture of the product and the scent is amazing. It's gentle for the skin and it's the perfect product to clean my face after a long and busy day. It feels both cool and soft when you apply it and it has an instant calming effect. I love chamomile and it always works miracles for me. I think the quality of this product is very good. The softness makes it such a wonderful cleanser to use.

I'm very happy with this toner. It works well on my skin, it's soothing and I love the hydrating effect. The scent is delicious and it's my favorite product in the box. I'm in love with my LouLouBelle toner. It's such a wonderful product. It isn't easy to find the right toner when you have dry and sensitive skin and this one positively surprised me, it works miracles for me.

I'm now a big fan of LouLouBelle and will definitely keep using their products.


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