Jun 28, 2015

Review: Summer of the Oak Moon by Laura Templeton

 Rejected by the exclusive women’s college she has her heart set on, Tess Seibert dreads the hot, aimless summer ahead. But when a chance encounter with a snake introduces her to Jacob Lane, a black college student home on his summer break, a relationship blooms that challenges the prejudices of her small, north Florida town.

When Jacob confesses that Tess’s uncle is trying to steal his family’s land, Tess comes face to face with the hatred that simmers just below the surface of the bay and marshes she’s loved since birth. With the help of her mentor Lulu, an herbal healer, Tess pieces together clues to the mysterious disappearance of Jacob’s father twenty-two years earlier and uncovers family secrets that shatter her connection to the land she loves.

Tess and Jacob’s bond puts them both in peril, and discontent eventually erupts into violence. Tess is forced to make a decision. Can she right old wrongs and salvage their love? Or will prejudice and hatred kill any chance she and Jacob might have had?

Summer Of the Oak Moon is a stunning Southern historical that takes place in the 1980's.
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Review by Anniek
Tess is a young girl who is thinking about her future. Her mom is pushing her to apply to colleges but Tess rather spends her time in her little canoe on the water. Even though she has many discussions with her mother Tess has a strong bond with both of her parents. She is sweet, caring and helps people with whatever they need. She has a dear friend named Lulu. Lulu lives in the marshes. She teaches Tess about herbs, so she knows how to use them and which magical powers they have. Tess makes lotions, perfume, bath salts and other beauty products with the herbs she gets from Lulu and herbs she grows in her own garden. She is very successful.
One day Tess gets bitten by a snake and Jacob comes to her rescue. He gets her to the hospital and a friendship is born. Jacob is a little bit older than Tess. He is back home because of his summer break from college. He is a sweetheart and he's helping his mother around the house since his father disappeared so many years ago. Tess an Jacob fall in love, but in their small town people are not fond of interracial relationships. They have to cope with racism and they aren't always safe. Tess's uncle is a very important person in their town and he is also a racist. This doesn't help with getting justice for the wrongs that are being done.
Summer of the Oak Moon grabbed me and didn't let me go. I hate racism and this book got me to tears when reading about all the horrible things that people can do to another human being. While I was reading the lyrics of one song popped into my mind all the time. It is a song called Close your Eyes by Meghan Trainor. She sings:

'Everybody's born to be different. That's the one thing that makes us the same.'
 Summer of the Oak Moon has a clear message; live positive, listen to your heart and don't let negative people have the influence to change the good in you. The story inspires me to be the best person I can be every single day.

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  1. This sounds very good. I'm adding it to my tbr list!


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