Jun 25, 2015

Leon Day: Suze Loves Patience Brewster!

I love Patience Brewster, her Christmas decorations are legendary. 

On June 25th it's Leon Day. Leon Day is the halfway mark to Christmas. The word comes from the French word for Christmas Noel, which is spelled backwards.

For a lot of people (and companies) Leon Day is the day they stay their Christmas preparations.

I'm a big fan of Christmas shops and this day is my starting point, I am allowed to buy ornaments again. 

 I'm the proud owner of several Patience Brewster Christmas ornaments. 

They are beautiful and very well made.

Every decoration in my Christmas tree has a special meaning and they're all different.

Patience Brewster's ornaments look really sweet. For me Christmas is all about love and sweet decorations provide a perfect way to express that.

Admiring Patience Brewster's characters always puts a smile on my face and the ornaments I have are very dear to me.

I don't decorate my entire house on Leon Day, but I do think about the spirit of Christmas, about showing people I care.

It's something I want to keep in mind every day of the year.

I'm always keeping one Christmas decoration in my living room to remind me of that.

I will light some candles on Leon Day and will also send a present to someone who could use some cheering up.

Patience Brewster's ornaments are art, their designs are fantastic.

They express the wonderful and fun side of life, which is something I always try to celebrate.

Leon Day makes me happy, I love reading about Christmas and I like a good, romantic festive story. From this day on it's all right again to read Christmas books. Christmas in July will follow soon and I can't wait to read more Christmas stories.

Leon Day is a day to be merry and to enjoy the Christmas spirit. I'm glad it's there as I'm always counting the days until my favorite holiday will start again.

Check out Patience Brewster's fantastic shop and celebrate Christmas with me. Merry Leon Day!


  1. What wonderful creations! Like something out of Alice In Wonderland - I love them!

  2. ohhh I love these!! So.freakin.cute!!

  3. These figurines are absolutely amazing! LOVE - Thanks for the information on this shop. :)

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