Jun 6, 2015

Chocolate Weekend Review: Blueprint For Love

Blueprint for love or blueprint for danger?

Hazel Dobson is pleased when she gets temp work at Gough Associates -an architectural company based in a beautiful manor house in Norfolk. Whilst it’s a far cry from the bright lights of London, Hazel is keen to get away from a mundane job with a lecherous boss, and to spend some time with Great Aunt Rose, her only surviving relative.

Jonathan Gough is the owner of Gough Associates and despite his wealth and good looks, he has a tragic past to equal Hazel’s, having been left with the responsibility of two young sons.

There’s a real chance that within each other, the pair could find the family they crave. But there is something strange going on at Combury Manor- and some people just don’t want Hazel and Jonathan to be happy…

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Review by Tanya

 Hazel Dobson is travelling to a new job in Norfolk in the pouring rain because no one picked her up at the train station and there are no taxis available. She is nearly knocked down by her new boss, of the architect firm Gough Associates, Jonathan Gough. Immediately there is a frizz between the characters, but neither of them acts on it. She finds herself living in the large Combury Manor along with Jonathan, the housekeeper and Jonathan’s dad. There are strange things going on there that keep her awake at night. Also one of the company partners, Tabitha, is being difficult and she's making unnecessary demands of Hazel.
I enjoyed the little twists and turns in this book and also how Hazel is so easy to get along with and tries her hardest with everyone. Only a few very determined people do not to like her and make things quite tough for Hazel along the way. I found myself constantly wanting what is best for Hazel and obviously I was aware of what some of the characters were trying to do as the onlooker. I wanted to warn her to open her eyes. 
I liked the interaction of Kirsty and Jonathan's identical twin boys Seth and Ben and I could immediately sense that the boys enjoyed having someone whose attention was focused on them. I hoped maybe this would help to bring Hazel closer to Jonathan! Blueprint For Love is a nice easy read that I completed in one sitting. This is the first book by Henriette Gyland that I have read and I will definitely look out for more.


  1. Thank you so much a lovely review. You just made my day!

    1. Glad you liked it. I will post it on good reads and Amazon when I get a chance x


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