Jun 7, 2015

Chocolate Weekend: Chocolate Is the Best Survey Results

Chocolate Is the Best 
Survey Results

I've analyzed the results of the chocolate is the best survey. The response was amazing. 412 people have filled out the questionnaire. I'm very happy with that and it was a joy to read everyone's answers.

The most important findings are:

1. You think chocolate is divine, or as one of you called it: “Yum, Yummy and Yummyness”

2. Most of you like milk chocolate, followed by dark.

3. The most favored combinations are milk chocolate with caramel or nuts and dark chocolate with mint or nothing added.

4. You favor a broad range of brands, but it is safe to say that Americans like Lindt, Europeans like Milka and people from the UK like Cadbury. For the other continents the mix is quite versatile and no brand really stands out.

5. Most of you like chocolate anytime. More than half of you like it at special times and at night. We will not share the many naughty comments about the best time. You prefer to eat chocolate when your children are off to bed.

6. 80% likes to eat chocolate while reading a book every now and then. Somehow in the UK this is more unusual. Has anybody got an explanation for this?

7. Chick-lit, Romance and Fantasy match best with chocolate.

8. We had respondents between 10 and 69 years old. The younger the more they eat and read!

9. People want more Discount Candy Days!

10. When people think about chocolate they have positive thoughts about happiness, relaxation, love or they think about more delicious chocolate. Again there were some naughty answers in this category.

11. People who prefer Dark chocolate on average prefer to drink milk with that. What’s the difference between Milk chocolate and Dark chocolate with milk?

12. People don’t feel very guilty about eating chocolate, although you might say that your 30s are your guilty years.

13. When eating chocolate people generally eat a little bit more than one average sized bar per day. 1 in 4 doesn't finish the bar at once.

14. People like chocolate in all places, all times, all sizes and all brands. They just love chocolate!

A complete survey report can be made upon request.


The winner of the giveaway is Helen from Lincolnshire


  1. I never understood how people can not eat a whole bar in one go. I might manage to take half an hour, but that whole resealable pack idea is wasted on me!

    Interesting results!

  2. Congratulations to the winner! Amazing results too!

  3. I agree with Stephanie (above). How can anyone not eat all the bar at once? I mean what's the point? It's all or nothing with me!


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