Jun 14, 2015

Australia Week: Kirsty's Vineyard by Anna Jacobs

 Kirsty has inherited a vineyard in Western Australia from Ed James, a lonely old man she befriended at the library. But there is a condition to his legacy. She must give up her quiet life in England and live at the vineyard for a least one year. How will a shy librarian cope on her own in a strange country? And Ed, a skilled matchmaker, has also suggested Kirsty consider marrying her new neighbour, Sam. This is going too far. She has no plans to marry again, thank you very much. Neither has Sam. But one thing is certain, Kirsty’s move to Australia will change her life for ever.
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Review by Tanya
I am a big fan of Anna Jacobs writing as are my mum and my nana. Her books are sometimes set in the past, but this is set in the present era mainly in Australia. Kirsty Miller loses her husband Mike in a tragic car accident and finds herself living with her brother Rod. Rod is not the easiest person to get along with as he lacks the social skills the converse with people and to understand certain situations. This is due to a communications disorder which affect his interpersonal skills. In her job as a librarian Kirsty befriends an elderly gentleman Edward James who is over from Australia but is dying of cancer. Her friendship with Edward causes a massive change in her life and a great opportunity for her to escape her brother’s hold over her as she's now the owner of a property in Australia along with some money. 
Whilst in Australia Kirsty really develops as a person and she becomes a lot stronger. She's more determined to get what she wants and doesn't let things easily scare her. I loved the fact that although she is now very well of she still is down to earth and continues to show that she is a caring and friendly person. 
There a sparks between Kirsty and Sam as Edward predicted in his letter to Kirsty on his death.  However Sam is an abrupt painter who does not want to be seen as a charity case. Although he is head strong and determined not to like Kirsty he finds himself helping her on numerous occasions and begins to enjoy her company. His past life with his ex-wife and his high flying job is completely different to the lifestyle that he lives now and his daughter Tina finds this hard to accept. 
The other characters of Penny and Franco are also lovely and I found myself wishing I could be part of their often bbq gatherings as they seemed lively and friendly and let’s face it who doesn’t want warm caring friends that are there for them at all times? Also the idea of the wine from the vineyard is always an added bonus!
Anna Jacobs’s books are worth looking at. Sometimes they are part of a series where different characters are focused on in each book. This book isn’t though and is a one off that manages to cheer you up. 


  1. I have heard about Anna Jacon a lot now I'm curious... Thanks for the review.

    1. I have read a lot ocher books. They are easy reading x


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